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The Work Lab featured in the Nebraska Examiner. The "missing piece" in employer benefits!

In an article by Cindy Gonzalez, the unique approach of The Work Lab Inc. to address workforce challenges in the state is highlighted. Established in 2019 as GrOW, The Work Lab Inc. was created to overcome barriers to employment stability and promote upskilling. The team has since shifted to a more holistic approach, redefining the Navigator role to a WorkLife Coach. Their services, including Coaching Conversations, Financial Counseling, and Resource Navigation, address the interconnectedness of work and personal life.

The Work Lab has separated from the Greater Omaha Chamber with the goal of expanding its reach across the region. However, it will maintain a strategic partnership with the Omaha Chamber to continue their shared objectives of expanding the labor pool and attracting, retaining, and supporting the workforce both now and in the future.

Learn more about The Work Lab by visiting

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