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Group Hug

What We Do

When you partner with The Work Lab, we embed a WorkLife Coach at your site(s) in support of your employees. A WorkLife Coach can help them cope, build resilience, and continue to grow through the daily disruptions of life outside of work, so they can be present and focused at work.

A WorkLife Coach becomes a familiar face your employees come to trust. We maintain confidentiality and use coaching conversations, financial counseling sessions, our knowledge of community resources and your employee benefits package to empower your employees to make right decisions for them.

What Can a WorkLife Coach Support Employees With?

A WorkLife Coach brings a flexible toolkit to support employees with anything that might keep them from being physically, mentally, or emotionally present at work. Some (but nowhere near all) of those are:

Rental Assistance & Utility Subsidies

Stress & Mental Health

Relationships & Family Responsibilities

Budgeting & Household Expenses

Affordable Childcare

Understanding & Using Employee Benefits

Goal Setting & Building Healthy Habits

Education & Career Advancement

Building Emergency Savings

Buying a Home or Car


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