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Founding Partnership

The Work Lab model is influenced by the innovative efforts of The Source in Grand Rapids, MI, and WorkLife Partnership in Denver, CO. Established in collaboration with the Greater Omaha Chamber of Commerce in 2019, it was originally known as the Greater Omaha WorkLab or GrOW.


In 2024, The Work Lab officially began operating as an independent non-profit organization. This transition highlights its continued success in providing support to clients and delivering a valuable return on investment to employer partners. The shift marks a new chapter in The Work Lab's commitment to cultivating enduring impact with clients and fostering innovative benefits in the workplace.

Board of Directors

Chad Mares, Founder and Board President 

The Work Lab

Keisha Thomas, Vice President

North End Teleservices

Tammy Carlson, Secretary

Lozier Corporation

Amy Shreck, Treasurer


Steve Bogue, Director (At-Large)

McGrath North (Retired)

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