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Relief for an Employee and Concerned Managers

Two managers were concerned about an employee who was in a dangerous situation.

They approached the WorkLife Coach because the problem was outside of their scope. The employee was hesitant to meet with the WorkLife Coach due to fear of judgment or making matters worse. However, once the employee sat down with the WorkLife Coach, they immediately knew it was a safe, confidential space to discuss their problem openly. Together, the employee and the WorkLife Coach discussed the violence occurring in her home and identified individuals whom she could reach out to as a support system.

The WorkLife Coach called the Women’s Center for Advancement (WCA) and connected her to a support group and legal assistance when the client was ready. The client left with hope and a plan to create a safer environment at home.

She told the WorkLife Coach, “I didn’t think this would work, but I feel so much better. This helped so much because you understand I’m not a victim, and you didn’t treat me like one.”

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