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A Move from Uncertain Renter to Confident Homeowner.

“Steve” was approaching the end of his lease and was unsure if he wanted to renew. He wanted a better home and neighborhood in which to raise his children. He asked the WorkLife Coach for help finding another place to rent, but after reviewing his credit and income, the WorkLife Coach asked if he had ever considered owning a home. Steve always thought homeownership was not possible for him due to his criminal record and lack of knowledge of the process.

The WorkLife Coach was able to educate Steve on the qualifications and responsibilities of homeownership and give him the good news that he was qualified. Then, the WorkLife Coach set him up with a mortgage loan officer and a real estate agent. He contacted them the same day. Within a month, Steve closed on his first home, officially making him the first person in his family to own their home.

Overwhelmed with joy, Steve moved his family into their new home and even joined the neighborhood watch association to ensure this neighborhood would remain safe for years to come.

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