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A Safe Home for Her and Her Children

“Cammy” desperately needed help with a custody issue, and she needed help fast.

If she didn’t find legal representation by the end of the week, the father of her children planned to take their children and relocate to Texas. Because she had lost custody and only had visitation rights, Cammy knew she was in for a fight. The most affordable lawyer she found asked for $2,500 up front before they would even look at her case.

Feeling defeated, Cammy decided to meet with the on-site WorkLife Coach. In one meeting, the WorkLife Coach was able to contact a Navigator-preferred attorney, explain the urgency of the situation, set up an arrangement for Cammy to pay only a $200 retainer. Then, the attorney made a payment arrangement with Cammy that fit her budget. With the help of the WorkLife Coach and the attorney, Cammy was not only able to stop the relocation, but she now has full custody of her children.

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