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A Supportive Workplace is Good for Business

Your people are the lifeblood of your business.  We support your employees in navigating life to unlock their full potential at work, empowering them to shape the future they want for themselves and their families. 


The bottom line—it's better for everyone.

How We Help

The Work Lab offers a unique addition to your employee benefits through
our WorkLife Coaching and Resource Navigation services.

A WorkLife Coach can help employees cope, build resilience, and continue to grow through the daily disruptions of life outside of work, so they can be present and focused at work.

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On-Site + One-on-One Support

On site and on demand, WorkLife Coaches become a familiar face in your workplace. No number to call. No appointment needed. Unlimited support.

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Fill in Where Employers Can’t

WorkLife Coaches deal with the “tough stuff” that employees are not likely to share with their employer. Employees can discuss personal and work issues — confidentially and without judgment.

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Maximize  Resources

WorkLife Coaches build a stronger connection between your employees, the resources of the community, and your employee benefits.

An Employee Benefit with Concrete Business Outcomes


Increase Employee Success

By working with a WorkLife Coach your employees can handle situations that might have caused performance and attendance challenges.

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Create a More Inclusive Workplace

When everyone can succeed, your workplace becomes more inclusive, more equitable and more welcoming.


Increase Retention

Personal and professional challenges can keep employees from being fully present at work. By working with a WorkLife Coach employees create a plan that keeps them on the job.

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Prioritize the Whole Person First

According to Gartner, supportive employers see a 20% increase in the number of high performers. Prioritize people and productivity follows.

Lozier Corporation

"We want to support employees to be the best version of themselves. Our Worklife Coach allows employees to get support one-on-one in a safe, confidential space by providing guidance and support through life’s challenges as often as needed. It’s an opportunity for us to help support the whole employee."

Oxbow Animal Health

"Our WorkLife Coach is accessible, resourceful, and creative, helping employees manage difficult life challenges in ways our HR team and managers cannot. The Work Lab is a trusted partner and a sound investment."

Signature Performance

"The Work Lab has helped our associates navigate the rough waters, whether in financial, housing, legal, childcare, or domestic aid or advice. We are grateful to our partners at The Work Lab for helping us live our mission of improving the health of our client’s businesses and making the lives of the people we work with better."


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